The Arrival Of A New Kitten

The Arrival Of A New Kitten

You are beyond excited for the arrival of your new kitten. It is important that you do not let your excitement overshadow the importance of this process causing you to be poorly prepared for its welcome.

We advise you, when he or she arrives, to establish a quarantine-like environment for your new pet. Indeed, each farm or house has its own bacteria, its own environment and therefore cats produce specific antibodies different from those necessary for your home or area. The goal is to supervise the arrival of your kitten, avoiding any contamination. This is particularly important if you own other cats that could be effected by the bacteria in which the new kitten is carrying.

Keep your new kitten in a private space at first

The advice we give you is to reserve a room in your house, disinfect it if possible (clean sheets, spray disinfectant etc ..) and not allow any output. Try to offer a nice room for your companion to help it feel good from the start, with natural light for example, avoid closed rooms.

Regarding the duration, 15 days is a minimum. This will help you to see if your cat is healthy and disease free. If after a week, everything is still ok, you can be sure that the adaptation is perfectly complete.

Another tip: makes sure your cat is wormed. Also consider treating other cats in the house to ensure that they are not negatively affected by the arrival of your new kitten.

cats together
You need to try your hardest to ensure that your new kitten does not pass diseases to any of your other pets

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