Do cats cry?

Do cats cry? All cat owners probably asked themselves this question at least once. It has been known for a long time that animals, like humans, are struggling with different emotions on a daily basis. How do cats communicate their experiences to us?

Do cats cry?

As you know, cats are rather individualists and have many secrets. However, with proper observation and a dose of attention devoted to our pet, we can understand what the cat is trying to communicate to us or how it feels at the moment. There are many ways in which cats show feelings to each other and to humans. Does the cat cry as much as we do? We can often see that the cat’s eyes are often flooded with tears, but this is not associated with an emotional response.

Cats don’t cry in the same way as people do. Yes, they can tell us that they don’t like something, but the watery eyes have nothing to do with it. Cat’s tears are not a sign of sadness or emotion, but usually a health problem. Vets emphasize that the notorious tearing of our pet’s eyes should arouse suspicion and prompt us to see a doctor quickly. The most common causes of a pet’s watery eyes are irritation or an allergy. Sometimes mechanical damage or swelling is also involved.


What do cat’s tears mean?

In some breeds, the cause of excessive tearing of the eyes may be their structure – in exotic breeds with more flattened mouths, tearing is conditioned by the structure of the skull. Most often, watery mouths have Persians, in their case tears are completely natural and all you need to do is remove the excess with a damp cotton swab.

In the event that tearing is caused, however, not by the construction of the mouth, but by health problems, it is necessary to go to the vet. It is often found that the cat’s tearful eyes are caused by irritation caused by a disinfectant or perfume. There are also infections caused by stuck hair or fern under the eyelid. There are many causes of excessive tearing, however, a visit to a specialist can quickly fix the problem. Usually, the veterinarian will remove a foreign body that accidentally gets into your eye, and if necessary, also prescribe drops and ointments for our pet.

How do cats cry?

Okay, but does the cat also cry in sadness? Yes, but he doesn’t use eyes at all. Cats communicate with sounds and body language and are fully aware of how to use them to get what they want. Cats were domesticated over 5,000 years ago, so it is not surprising that during this time they learned to tell people what they meant. It should be noted that cats usually make desperate sounds like crying when they want to get something from a human. They usually mean food, caresses or help to get to a specific place. Animals know that sounds are good for people, especially those that look like crying. So often the shockingly sad noises our cat makes are just a call for food. There are races that sound extremely sad and cause special pity on us, for example, Siberian, sounding terrifyingly sad.


Why is the cat crying?

Cats are amazing manipulators, so they know how to change the tone of their meow depending on what they need from us. They use high tones reminiscent of a crying child because they know that it is difficult for a man to ignore this sound. They usually make the highest sounds when they demand food from us. In the morning, however, they adopt a different tactic, cats know that such high sounds would enrage the sleepy owner rather than make him feed the animal. So to chase the owner out of bed into the kitchen, they use much lower, more “purring” tones.

We don’t always know if the cat is crying because of hunger or for other reasons. Unfortunately, the animal can not directly tell us that he feels bad. Instead, he can show that he is unhappy, lonely or sick, making a sound like crying. This is the message closest to human sadness that a cat can give us.




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