A Cat Bed For Comfort And Good Hygiene

Your cat’s health condition will be a major factor in choosing a cat bed. You’ve probably already bought your cat their scratching post, cat fountain, and litter box and now you may want to provide your cat with a more cushioned base bed for better support and comfort – especially for older cats. For a kitten, you probably will look for something easy to get in and out from because of his smaller legs. Also you want something where he will feel secure and warm. The number of cats and the size or estimated size of your animal(s) as an adult will also guide you in choosing the right cat bed.A Good Cat Bed On A Chair

Identify the area or room where you would like the cat bed to be located. You may even want to have more than one bed if you have a multi-level house. This place should be a low traffic density zone. Also, ask yourself if this is a cold or warm place. Is is drafty? Does the room get enough sunlight?

A selection of beds includes basic matts with antibacterial lined, with or without removable and washable covers. Nest shaped or egg shaped with borders will keep your cat safe and secure, away from drafts. They come in a variety of colours, textures, materials and prints to suit your decor. Some are lined with Sherpa, a thick wool-like appearance very comfortable for the cat. A heated cat bed is a good choice for older cats who may suffer from arthritis. It will keep a constant body temperature and away from humidity that affects them most. It uses very little energy. Look for some special features.

A big cat bed for lots of kittens

We have come across some that will warm up the bed only after the cat has settled in for a while, keeping electricity off when the cat is away. It should not be too hot as to dry the animals skin. What is interesting about the heated bed is its double use. You can remove the heated liner in the warm season when it is no longer needed. Orthopaedic beds are also available, some models come complete with mattresses and head beds.

With respect to the cat bed base, those made of poly fibre filling will not have the longevity of those made with orthofoams that will retain their shape and will not “bottom out”. An interesting base is one made of Red Cedar. It has the property to repel fleas and insects. This type of material will often be lined with burlap material allowing for air circulation.

Cats also feel more at home, and love their humans more if they have a pet fountain in the house. This doesn’t only help your cat stay hydrated, it also gives them a reason to come inside if they venture out a lot.

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