4 Of The Best DIY Christmas Presents

Over the Christmas period, especially for cat owners, we are always looking for new gifts to give our balls of fluff.

We know how much our cats love presents. Therefore, today I’m going to show you how to create the best gifts for your feline with your own hands. Pick one of these great DIY gifts to give your cat this Christmas

There’s something for all tastes and budgets. Make your cat happy this winter.

DIY #1 : Cat grass carrots

Prodigal Pieces published a super DIY article on creating cardboard carrots with cat grass. This totally natural toy makes your cat go crazy for hours as it plays.

Cat grass carrot

DIY #2 : Sewing and glue free cat bed

Your cat will feel like a prince on its new bed. Easy to make, no glue, watch the instructions made by Southern Mom Loves to put together this amazing cushion

DIY cat bed

DIY #3 : Cat grass fishing rod

Every cat loves a good fishing rod. Don’t be afraid to make one of these fun toys that will give your cat hours of entertainment! You can personalise it as you wish and according to the tastes of your cat as you will put its favourite objects on the end of the string. Check out how Design Love Fest creates these impressive games!

DIY cat fishing rod

DIY #4 : A beautiful scratching post

This is more than just a scratching post. Who here has ever walked down the cat aisle in a shop and wondered why all the scratching posts are so ugly? It is now time to make a scratching post worthy of your cats’ beauty! Everything you need to build this fabulous creation can be found at Dream A Little Bigger.

Beautiful scratching post

So, which of these DIY toys is your favourite? Will you look into making any of them?


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