10 Tips To Help Pregnant Cats

10 Tips To Help Pregnant Cats

  1. Pregnant cats should stay indoors.

    Don’t expose an expecting kitty to danger. But there are more reasons. Some queens go into heat even during pregnancy. Cats are capable to be pregnant of two different litters at the same them. And of course, pregnant cats should not give birth in a cold place outside.
  1. Give your kitty the right food.

    It should be high on calcium and protein. Kitten food is specially designed to meet the need of pregnant and nursing felines. Vitamin supplements are recommended too.

  1. Do not give any medication during pregnancy.

    Pregnant cats should get medication only in emergency. The same goes for deworming products, or products against fleas. If she has worms or fleas, first consult your vet.

  2. Make your cat a comfortable nest bed.

    A box filled with newspaper usually does the trick. Put in a warm sheltered place, preferably a location your cat frequently visits. Make sure all is ready two weeks before birth.

  3. Find a home for your kittens – before they are born.

    It will give you peace of mind to know where the kittens will go. Finding a home for a kitty can be time consuming. You’ll have more time for that before they are born.
  4. Use non-clumping litter for her box.

    Sometimes cats give birth in the litter box. If a kitten is delivered in clumping litter, the mother kitty might refuse to clean her newborn off as the clump is all over the sac. And the baby drowns in its own fluid.
  5. Keep other cats away from her.

    You have more than one kitty? Pregnant cats want privacy. She doesn’t like the company of other cats during this period, even if she knows these cats very well.
  6. Buy enough food for your kitty… and you.

    You should have no reason to leave your kitty alone on the days before and after birth.
  7. Check which vet is available.

    Have a piece of paper with the phone number of the closest emergency veterinary clinic. If there’s no such clinic in your area, find out which vet is available for emergency care. One phone call to a local vet is usually enough.
  8. Get the right information about cat pregnancy.

    Only if you understand what you see and hear, you will be able to recognize complications. Plus… there are many problems you can solve yourself, if you know how. So, do not panic. Get the right information instead.

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